Unique System created to save water in your company or organization, capable to save from 60% to 80% of the water.  
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           WATER is the most important resource. WE are confronting a enormous critical problem in our planet due to the pollution and contamination for all living systems, first we contaminate the water and later when we are trying to clean the water to recycle, we use chemicals, toxics and other contaminations elements provoking global warming, and thus many others bad situations, beside we spend a lot of money. Instead of this, we should be saving this money, time and, natural and human resources for use in social assistance, such as security, health, jobs, education and natural disasters. PASER AQUA  was created to stop with this unwised  activity of pollution and wasted money.
PASER AQUA can save 50, 000,000 of gallons water every day in California, using this water in the agriculture (180 Acre feet per day) or others uses, without contaminating the environment because PASER AQUA DOES NOT USE CHEMICALS.  Saving money in the productions systems, companies, schools, private and goverment organizations and others.
Bad water kills more children than war.    unicef
Paser Aqua was created to overcome clime pollution, improving the world’s economy by recycling and  re- using our daily water already consumed, replenish and restablish our planet precious aquifers.